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How to Register 

Due to Covid-19. We will be accepting online registration or in person registration by appointment only.

1. Choose your classes from the 2020-2021 schedule.

2. Fill out an online registration form. 

3. Wait for a response from our staff with your payment breakdown.

3. Complete your payment. We will make arrangements for you to drop off payment or set up an            in-person meeting. (We accept cheques or cash in 2 lump sum payments. No debit or credit.) 

Cheque Breakdown 

1. 1st payment includes: September/June fees+ Costume Rental ($31.50/costume-recreational) or ($42.00/costume-competitive) + Registration Fee ($21.00) 

2. 8 Postdated Cheques: Monthly Dance Amount - dated for Oct-May (1st of the Month) 

3. Volunteer Deposit: Returned after a 4hr volunteer shift is completed at Year-End Show in June 2020.   (A $75.oo cheque dated for June 1st 2021.) 

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