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Year-End Make-Up

-Mascara (False Lashes for all, younger students should cut a pair down) 

-One Line of Black eye liner with a tiny wing

-3 shades of Brown eye shadow (No other colours or glitter)

-White eye shadow under brow 

-If brows are light, colour them in with appropriate shade

-Blush on cheek bones

-Medium red lipstick

Curly Pony

-Slick back with Dippity-do and hair-spray

-Tight curls with an iron or use a fake pony, secure tightly with Bunhead pins (available at Classique Dancewear) No bangs or wisps.

-Make sure if using a hair piece that it is made of real hair (Not plastic) and is an appropriate length for your child. (Large hair pieces are heavy for young students to dance in) 

High Bun

-Slick back with dippity-do and hair-spray

-Hairnets are mandatory (Bunheads brand available at Classique Dancewear )

-Fasten with bun pins longer ones are long hair, smaller ones for short hair.  Bobby pins are not appropriate for buns.

-Buns are supposed to be flat to the dancers head.

-Head pieces will be supplied at the theatre

-No hair glitter allowed or nail polish

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