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Parent & Tot

This eight week session class is 30 minutes of fun, once per week. We created a class for Mom ( or Dad) and the 18 month to 3 year old who needs to move, but is a little too young to be left alone. Moving and grooving in a teacher guided class helps parent and child to love the joy of movement. During classes, we use a variety of rhythm, coordination, large motor, balancing and stretching exercises to create dance. We encourage improvisation, mime and high energy along with the use of props to have a lot of fun.


The ballet program at Joy’s Dance Factory is based on the syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance. This program is used around the world and has been proven to provide proper training in the technique necessary to develop a successful ballet student. Those students, who choose to participate in ballet exams, attend a second class each week, which is dedicated to learning the set exercises and dances for each grade level.
Upon completion of the grade 4 or 5 level, our students can continue towards grades 6- 8 and/or major exams or participate in free work classes.


“It’s the most fun” is the student’s usual comment. And it is!
Regardless of age, the same basics such as plies, tendues and retires are taught at the barre or in the centre of the floor. Body isolations develop head, arm, shoulder and hip coordination. Stretching and strengthening exercises are done on the floor. Basic dance steps, such as the side dig, lindy, kick ball change and box step are practiced and then travelling steps such as chasse and step hop are learned going across the floor.

These basics are stylized by adding head and arm movements or lyrical mood.


Tap dancing satisfies the desire in everybody to give expression to their innate sense of rhythm. In a few years, the fundamental tap movements your child will learn can be combined to make exquisite rhythmical sounds like those made by Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.
In our school we use a progressive method of instruction advancing from single tap sounds to multiple tap sounds until the students can perform a whole routine. In order that the students develop skill in hitting the floor sharply and in perfect time with the music, we practice the fundamental tap steps in every class!

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes teach the latest moves to the coolest music in this fun & high energy class. Hip hop includes a wide range of styles such as breaking, locking, popping, krumping and house dance. Class work usually involves improvisation or” free styling”. Dancers often enter into challenges as to who can do the best moves.This style of dance is widely seen in the commercial videos and television industry shows. Boys especially love this style of dance. We also offer Junior Hip Hop for ages 5-6


Lyrical dance is a favorite style for the passionate dancer. It is a fusion of ballet technique and jazz while interpreting the lyrics and music. It is emotional and graceful and may portray a story or thought. Today it is sometimes linked with contemporary and modern styles.

It is always based on the emotion of the music or lyrics. It combines simple gestures as well as more intricate and highly technical steps and alignments and continuation of movement throughout the dance. Lyrical is taught within the jazz class.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre & Sing/ Dance/Act class enriches the student as a performer and enhances the student’s knowledge of era dances and choreography from various musicals.

Combo Classes

These classes have proven to be great for 4 to 6 year old children. Each 45 or 60 minute class includes 2 types of dance ( tap/jazz, tap/ballet). The techniques and fitness started in preschool are developed further along with step combinations specific to the different types of dance.

Pre-School Dance

These classes are for 3 and 4 year olds and every exercise, movement and song and dance is a means to an end. We ensure the children enjoy every class and at the same time begin to build a beautiful dancer’s body. Our goals, with these young students, is to encourage a love of music and dance that will last a lifetime. Children also learn cooperation skills such as working with a partner, follow the leader and make a circle. Props, such as wands, pompoms, flags are used to make the class even more fun. Physical and emotional improvements that also include an active imagination, a more outgoing personality, coordination, balance and reflexes


Acro is an activity and sport involving performance of exercises requiring physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and grace. Acro classes are available for children as young 5 years old and up to 18yr as a recreational activity. Competitive dance students, at varying levels of skill, will find these classes useful as a way to add additional tricks to their performances.

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